Frequently asked questions that may instantly provide you with the answers you need.

Product Questions

  • Are your products natural?
    • Yes, our products are natural. The ingredients used to create our products are plant based.
  • I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?
    • Yes, you can use our products if you have sensitive skin.
  • Are your products meant for use in the morning only?
    • Our products are meant to be used in the morning and at night.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    • Being that the products do not contain chemical preservatives, it is highly recommended that all products be used within a year.
  • Should any of the products be refrigerated?
    • None of our products require refrigeration. They should be stored in a cool place that does not receive direct sunlight.
  • Are your products for a certain age group?
    • No, our products are for anyone who would like soft, moisturized and glowing skin.

Order Questions

  • Can orders be revised after they are placed?
    • Unfortunately, once orders are placed, no changes can be made. Please review your order for accuracy before it is finalized.
  • How long does it take for orders to be processed?
    • Orders are processed within 3 business days. Please note that this time may be extended for orders placed during holidays due to large sales volume. We thank you in advance for your patience if this causes a delay for you.

Shipping Questions

    • I haven't received my order yet. Can you provide me with an update?
      • Once your order has shipped, we cannot control or guarantee that the items will be received by a certain time. This is determined by the carrier delivering the order. Please use the 'track order' link provided in your order email to see what the current status/location is for your items. It's worth noting that not all carriers update their tracking frequently, so the information provided may not be current.


    • Do you accept returns?
      • Due to the type of products we offer (beauty products that can be tampered with), returns are not accepted. A lot of time, research, testing and love has gone into the creation of these products, so we hope that you love them so much that the thought of returning them doesn't even cross your mind.